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What is Stories For Ways & Means?

Ten years ago the founder of Waxploitation, Jeff Antebi, had an idea to ask his favorite music artists and favorite contemporary painters to come together and collaborate on original children’s stories for a benefit project.

Today, 29 of those pairings make up the 350 page book project called Stories for Ways & Means

The book includes stories from Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Frank Black, Justin Vernon, Laura Marling, Devendra Banhart, Alison Mosshart and Kathleen Hanna as well as painters/illustrators like Anthony Lister, Dan Baldwin, Swoon, Will Barras, James Jean, Ronzo, Kai & Sunny, and more.

Guest narrators came along for fun as featured voices in short promo films: Danny Devito, Zach Galifianakis, Nick Offerman, Phil LaMarr, King Krule, and Lauren Lapkus

Is this a book for kids? 

Probably not, unless said kid is over 17 years old. It features outre art, weird images, graphic displays of nasty stuff and cuss words.  

Where can I purchase this once in a lifetime deluxe art book?

The first edition will be scarce.   It’s a limited edition, hardcover ONLY available first come, first served basis soon at SFWAM.org

Where is the money raised for all these children’s literacy programs going to go? 

Proceeds from sales of the book primarily benefit Room to Read, Pencils of Promise, and 826 National  among a number of non-profits working to build schools and educate children around the world.